© Sergio Caro

Sergio Caro

(Madrid, 1977)

“Afganistán en pie de guerra”

Sergio Caro has worked as a photographer for 15 years and has managed to develop a successful career. He has published his works in prestigious national and international media. He has been granted considerable prizes, one of them is the ‘Visa d’Or de Perpiñán’ prize awarded by international press (2005). He has also participated in various exhibitions. Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Venezuela are some of the places that appear in his photographs. Caro has also been making audiovisuals for AND.es, Cuatro and CNN+ for a few years.

‘Afganistán en pie de guerra’: This photographic report is a revealing testimony that brings us closer to a lengthy and forgotten conflict. It is the result of four years of work devoted to photographing daily life in a war without end. It gives us a thorough and moving insight into the lives of those who fight in the war and in particular of those who suffer from it.