© Ramón Masats

Ramón Masats

(Caldes de Montbui, 1931)


Transgressor and enthusiast, an honest and intuitive person; He began his career in the 50s documenting reality without limitations or prejudices. After moving to Madrid, he started to work for the magazine ‘Gaceta Ilustrada’ and soon became a maestro of photographic report. In 1965 Masats abandoned photography in order to devote himself to cinema and making documentaries. In 1981 he resumed photography dedicating himself almost exclusively to colour. He has published numerous books, his works have been exhibited on various occasions and they are part of the most important collections in the country. In 2004 he was awarded the prize ‘Premio Nacional de Fotografía’. (National Photography Prize)

‘Antològica’: The exhibited works have been chosen from the photographer’s personal archives for this edition in particular. There are the author’s copies and pictures from his black-and-white period as well as the colour period – some of them unpublished. They are displayed in two separate areas in order to create even more opportunities to cherish the work of this indispensable figure of the Catalan and Spanish photography.