© Marta Ramoneda

Marta Ramoneda Anglés

(Sabadell, 1977)

“Khusra. Transgènere al Pakistán”

Marta Ramoneda is a Law and Social Anthropology graduate, but she specialized in photography. She has worked for various NGOs in Nigeria and the Middle East documenting projects whose aim was to raise public awareness and sensitise the society. She also cooperates with diverse international media.

‘Khusra, transgènere al Pakistan’: The khusra who define themselves as ‘female souls locked in male bodies’ used to be respected in Pakistani society. Currently, however, in a society that is becoming more and more conservative, they are marginalised and confined to poverty, striving to make a living from prostitution, obliged to dance in family celebrations or in circus and charity shows. This work brings us closer to the daily life of people who are banished from a society that no longer cares about them.