© Lluís Català

Lluís Català

(Palafrugell, 1978)


A freelance photographer, Lluís Català combines commercial work with socially-focused reporting. He has worked with different media outlets, such as Enderrock, La Vanguardia, and the Diari de Girona, and has taken still shots of different musical groups.

The “Nusatrus” exhibit takes its name from the way Palafrugell’s locals pronounce the pronoun “nosaltres” (“us” in Catalan), presenting a series of portraits of people that form the human landscape of the town’s squares, streets, and houses. This exhibit brings photography to the street, with the people in the photos taking the leading role, bringing them out of anonymity and strengthening their self-awareness and their feeling of belonging to a community. It serves as an elegy to something local and becomes universal.

This exhibit also brings the Biennial to the streets to arouse interest among the townsfolk.

This exhibit takes place in different outdoor spaces in the town centre.