© Maysun

© Alba Yruela

© Albert Jódar

© Jordi Vera


Maysun (Saragossa, 1980)
“Egyptian women. Between revolution and democracy”

A year after the revolution, Egyptian women are still fighting for freedom and equality.

Alba Yruela (la Bisbal d’Empordà, 1989)

Images of the most intimate and personal daily life.

Albert Jódar (Badalona, 1982)
“Gigante con pies de barro”

A China travel journal

Jordi Vera (Barcelona, 1964)
“Processos i arxius”

“It is probably the condition of every artist; he spends most of his time alone in a room. This is where everything happens, in these hours in which nothing happens. If there must be a topic, it would be that experience.” (Juan Muñoz)